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by The Coal Men

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You can’t slip away You can’t steal away You can’t shy away You can’t take back your love Can’t run & hide Can’t hide & seek You can’t seek another lover You can’t take back your love Well you shouldn’t pretend You’re just a little girl And that I could save you From a very very scary world Can’t say you don’t We can’t say we won’t After you say you’re in You can’t take back your love (It’s gonna wreck me if you do) That dog won’t hunt This bluebird will sing Two things I know And you can’t take back your love (No you can’t)
Heartfelt 02:30
I know it’s getting late & we’ve all made mistakes All the same it’s a familiar voice You meant to erase it cause honey let’s face it My number was never your first choice But since we’re on the phone how you gettin’ along Must be busy cause you were never there Me I’ve been fine not been biding my time I been busy working on home repairs I know your heartfelt But it’s best after all I guess you meant to call someone else I suggest you call someone else But enough about me is your cat in a tree Or is your whole world up in fire Is your car in a ditch or are you feeling an itch Either way I’m not a taker or a buyer Well I’ve spoken my peace dial two to repeat Nostalgia is a waste like no other Goodbye and good luck from this number you called up & by the way give my best to your dear mother
Well I pick up what ya putting down You thinking ya thinking you and I could fool around I got news for you I got no attraction to you A drink or two will set you right You’re going home alone to night And it’s news to you Honesty is occasionally rude You ain’t worth half the price you gonna cost to me I’m no mathematician but a dollar ain’t a cent you see (I’m no mathematician but an apple ain’t an orange you see) My baby and my money both back in Tennessee Girl you ain’t worth half the price you gonna cost to me Ain’t worth it baby
Homesick 02:15
I drive a car, I fly a plane I walk for miles, but I’m driving you insane Write you a letter next day air Call me anytime if you need to know I’m there I’m homesick, not sick of my home Let it stick, I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone I don’t think we’ve hit a wall Skies are clear best that I recall Every time I go away It’s not forever honey just a few days I’m homesick, not sick of my home Let it stick, I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone Sometimes you cry Sometimes I cry I’m always with you wherever I go You’re always with me wherever you go To say I love you is the only way home To say I love you is the only way home Homesick, not sick of my home Let it stick, I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone I hate when you’re alone
Early morning mama makes coffee set for two I slept like a newborn child honey how ‘bout you You ask me what I’m thinking Girl you looking blue I may not be the company The company you need Would you forgive me, please I’ve never been good at being alone Late night movie baby cold is creeping in You’re staring at the ceiling fan I’m sleeping in the den That black and white sure showed you A love I’d never give Oh you should know It’s not you of course it’s me Tell yourself what you need to believe Of course it’s me it’s always me Well so long see you sweet heart hope that you’ll forget All those things I never did and all those things I did I’ll probably write you letters, one’s you’ll never get
So Easy 02:57
It use to be so easy Thinking about love Never run for cover Never fell from above You throw me down in pieces Find something shiny and new What may be your intentions The world spins around you We have one thing in common That your never gonna see We both think of you too much And forget about me Whenever you want distance I wait patient for you And then your world it falls apart You wanna start something new I put your pieces together And you heal by my hand But soon you start to crumble And I cannot understand
Cough Drop 03:07
I’ve got my limitations Can’t say that I won’t Meditate on your expectations Ones carved in stone Bring’em with you on the elevator And when you hear that bell Glide down the escalator Check out of the hotel It’s a four block walk to The corner and the bus stop Where I’ll be waiting for you On the bench with a cough drop Cause we might lose our voices Is it coffee or tea Sweet Jesus so many choices Talk’em over with me


Skeletons is a 7-song E.P. offering brand-new material from the band. Right on the heels of the release of their album Escalator, it features guests: Jimbo Mathus (mandolin, harmonica, guitar), Ericson Holt (organ & Wurlitzer), and Eamon McCloughlin (strings).

Produced and engineered by Dave Coleman, Skeletons is a roots rock/power pop album with heart, guts, and energy. The band tracked all the songs live in one day, and vocals were recorded in their southernmost home of Key West, FL.

While on tour with the Tri-State Coalition, Jimbo added some of his Mississippi Catfish harmonica and mandolin to "Half the Price," a booking bar room shuffle that rebukes the predatory bar fly. Boogie Woogie piano master, Ericson Holt, gave tasteful keyboard work to "Heartfelt" and "So Easy" (wry post-exit relationship songs).

"Dog Won't Hunt" features Coleman on an amped up acoustic through a fuzzed out Vox amplifier. Eamon McCloughlin adds gorgeous strings to the groove heavy song about devotion to marriage.

All seven songs feature the powerful rhythm section of Dave Ray on a 1968 Slingerland drum set and Paul Slivka with his vintage Gibson Les Paul recording bass (oh so many switches).


released October 8, 2013

(p) (c) 2013 - Vaskaleedez Records | www.thecoalmen.com
All songs written by Dave Coleman, Four Minor Music (SESAC)

1. Dog Won't Hunt - D.C.
2. Heartfelt - D.C. & Dave Ray, Raydar Music (SESAC)
3. Half the Price - D.C.
4. Homesick - D.C. & D.R.
5. Never Been Good - D.C. & Will Holland, Don't Mess w/ Holland (ASCAP)
6. So Easy - D.C. & D.R.
7. Cough Drop - D.C.

The Coal Men:
Dave Coleman - vocals, standard, baritone, acoustic, pedal steel guitar, farfiza
Dave Ray - drums, vocals
Paul Slivka - bass guitar

Jimbo Mathus - high acoustic guitar 1, mandolin. harmonica 3
Eamon McLoughlin - violin, viola 1
Ericson Holt - organ 2, Wurlitzer 6

Produced by Dave Coleman
Tracking recorded by Dave Coleman at Howard's Apartment, East Nashville, TN
Overdubs recorded at The Hog's Breath band houses, Key West, FL
Mixed by Lij Shaw at the Toy Box, East Nashville, TN
Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master, Nashville, TN


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The Coal Men Nashville, Tennessee

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