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Elliott Humphries
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Elliott Humphries The Coal Men are, simply, one of the finest bands we've had the pleasure of working with! If you haven't listened...then you NEED to! Favorite track: Last Goodbye.
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The Coal Men – Escalator
Release Date – August 27, 2013
Presented by Todd Snider’s Aimless Records
The Coal Men will start touring in August and join Todd Snider on tour in October

“I’m wearing out this new Coal Men record. I think it’s masterful start-to-finish. Dave Coleman is one of Americana music’s great songwriters, and I hope this record gets the attention it deserves.” – Todd Snider

“It was a treat to play on this record. I'm a longtime fan of Dave's writing, singing, guitar playing and producing. He has the ability to always combine thoughtful craft and gut instinct in any of these roles. – Audley Freed (Sheryl Crow/The Black Crowes)

“Their songs are sharp enough to wound, and warm enough to heal. Their songs welcome us to a new and unexpected Nashville.” Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

“Get this record and keep a copy in your car in case you get a wild hair and drive across the country. It is the perfect soundtrack for an American adventure.” Paul Deakin of the Mavericks.

Escalator is a fully-realized showcase for Dave Coleman’s creativity in the studio and his mastery as a guitarist and bandleader. Produced with the help of Joe Garcia, Escalator features guest performances by Will Kimbrough (Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris), Jen Gunderman (The Jayhawks, Sheryl Crow) and Audley Freed (The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow) – but at its core this is a stripped-down rock-and-roll affair.

Escalator cuts an impressive swath through Americana territory: blues-infused country to best any outlaw wannabe (“Stuck”), melodic ballads and mid-tempo pop (“The Fall,” “Old Friends”), and straight-ahead rock (“Role Model,” “Broken Heartland”).

This is the fourth album for The Coal Men and they have admirers at home and on the road for a decade, and the band’s latest work is drawing particular praise Songs on Escalator – most penned by Coleman, but with contributions from drummer Dave Ray, who has been with Coleman from the start – offering glimpses of small-town life, economic struggle, and the complexities of friendships and relationships. “I grew up in a little town and these songs are my own story and stories of things I’ve seen – that’s what I enjoy writing about,” Coleman says.

Jenni Finlay Promotions

Kim Fowler – Two Dog Media

Dave Coleman – 615-228-3290


released August 27, 2013

Produced by Joe Garcia & The Coal Men

Tracking Recorded by Brian Carter at Paradox Productions
Overdubs Recorded by Brian Carter, Dave Coleman & Lij Shaw at Howard's Apartment and The Toy Box

Mixed by Lij Shaw at the Toy Box
Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master
Photography and Design by Bob Delevante

The Coal Men:
Dave Coleman- standard and baritone guitar, vocals, piano, guitar loops, pedal steel guitar

Dave Ray- drums, backing vocals, drum loops

& Jason "Hitch" Hitchcock- bass


Joe Garcia- pedal steel
Jen Gundermand- piano and organ
Audley Freed- standard guitar on "Stuck"
Will Kimbrough- resonator guitar on "Sanity"
Jarod Manzo- upright bass on "One Thing at a Time"
Barry Green- trombone
Mark Douthit- saxophone


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Track Name: Last Goodbye
You can say what you wanna say
That’s alright
Do what you wanna do I don’t mind
Well honey won’t you be my last goodbye
Honey won’t you be my last goodbye

You got a sharp little tongue
But your always wrong
Yeah ain't that right yeah baby
You got a sweet little side but it never lasts long
Well ain't that right now baby

Let me make this clear to you my dear
If it’s over and done it doesn’t mean that you won

Well I’m shooting from the hip
Cause I’m sick of this bit
It’s not even funny
If love was a record
You’d make it skip
Ain’t that right yeah honey
Track Name: Stuck
Been here so long
Hanging on like a dead tree
Ain’t nothing wrong
In my mind if I feel free

I’m stuck for a reason
It’s enough I ain't believing
I ain't stuck

Had a chance to leave
But a good excuse to stay
There’s a lot to see
But they’s a whole lot to throw away

Deep in the valley
This is where we live and die
See the thing that keeps me
Is keeping a family tie
Track Name: The Fall
Can’t Control the Weather – Even When I try
Summer lasts forever – Daylight saves the time

Finding notes and letters – Writtin in the sky
Clouds look so much better – With sun light in your eyes

We had it all – Now all I have is the fall

Hiding in the memory - Underneath all the snow
Winter Feels so much colder – With nowhere to go

Days are getting longer – Rains are closing in
With spring around the corner – Ready to begin again

We had it all – Now all that’s left is the fall
Track Name: Better Than
She’s Crying, working herself to the floor
The floor, where he woke again last night
She’s hiding, It’s been three months or more
No more, her parent’s just waved them goodbye

And it’s time to put it all together

We try - hard as we can
To be better than
The way we’ve been

In May - they show the girls face to the world
The world that they have to make so safe
Today we sleep in the beds that we build

And it’s time we put it all together

We all - start the same
But we throw around the blame to much
We try - hard as we can
To be better than
The way we’ve been
Track Name: Role Model
Well how can you say you can’t remember her name
You’ve met her thirty times or more
Is she so easy to ignore
Or are you just angry

And how can you judge her that way that you do
You call her names that burn your own lips
Anxiously drum your fingertips
You’re jealous and hungry

She’s a role model
Baby give it all that she can
Those old battles
Baby’s had all she can stand

Well how can you throw all the money away
Pretend that it’s never gonna end
And insist that luck is still you’re good friend
And time is wasting

She’s a role model
Baby had all she can stand
Those old battles
Baby I’m your biggest, you’re biggest fan
Track Name: Tennessee
Felt the ground start shaking
Can’t keep the fires at bay
With the waters still rising
And no reason to stay

Gonna take that East bound train
Under the desert sky
Climb to the top of the mountain
Wind down the other side

Oh Tennessee, Oh won’t you take care of me
Where you going? I believe Tennessee

Wheels are built to spin
Years are meant to fly
I’m gonna love that women
She’s gonna make me cry

Oh Tennessee, Oh won’t you take care of me
Where you going? I believe Tennessee

Put my Wings to the wind
Leave the reast to the sky
Keep on painting on my pictures
Until the day I die

Oh in Tennessee, Oh Won’t you take care of me
Where you going? I believe in Tennessee
Track Name: Broken Heartland
Milwaukee River runs throught this Midwest town
Tracks are torn up rusted, never get run down
Dealership sign just fades with time
'Been twenty years since a sale’s been made

It’s a broken heart land
She’s a broken heartland
This broken heart land is my home

In the twenties boom we had a boarding house room
Sold’em beer two kegs of the best well before noon
And the dice got rolled, stories got told
All the boys bragged about the pretty women all the way back home

Well it breaks my heart to have to close the door
Last call lock’em up these taps’ll run no more
When the plant shut down Money left this town
To many mouths to feed and no more giving hands
Track Name: Sanity
First of the month pay the rent
Write the check honey money's spent
Oh my my, being broke it’s braking me
I try to smile for a little bit of sanity

Driving the car that a bank really owns
To a job where work for hours on a phone
No sir I’m not a very good salesman you see
But, I try to smile for a little bit of sanity

Another seven days ‘til I get paid
Then some other chump
gonna come and take it all away

Lawd above where does it go
Did I ever have it honey I don’t know
Oh my my, being broke it’s braking me
I try to smile for a little bit of sanity

Middle of the month electric is due
Nothin’ much left for me and you
Oh sweet baby wonder why u don’t pack yo' things & leave
I try to smile for a little bit of sanity

Papa use to tell me living ain’t cheap
I guess I had to grow up and eventually see that
Barely getting by is killing me
I try to smile for a little bit of sanity
Track Name: One Thing at a Time
I’d like to know the reason
She likes to paint herself
Portraits of young young girl
Stacked high upon a shelf
High on a shelf

I’d wanna take her home
Give a little piece of my mind
I wanna know everything
One thing at a time

I’d like to tell her who I am
Most times I don’t even know
Shades of a young young man
Trapped in a dog and pony show
Dog and pony show

I wanna take her home
Give a little piece of my mind
Push her to open up to me
Trust myself this time

One thing at a time
Track Name: Midnight You
It’s midnight - midnight you
Sneak out with the stars
Footsteps in the dark
It’s midnight - midnight you

Sunday morning church with a grin
Your hand trembles when you brush by me
I can’t imagine we could be a sin
Though I think your sister she might disagree

I can’t wait to see the moon tonight
Knowing you won’t be far behind
We always find a way to stay out of sight
Parents know but Parents they don’t mind

I’ll count the hours until I see you
This young man who needs to be with you

Walk on by the river near the pines
Moonlight shines the only road back home
Hands say what words can’t seem to find
The games we have to play to be alone
Track Name: Old Friends
One call away, they don’t think,
They don’t worry, about a good night sleep
Won’t say a word, They’re just glad, to get you home

Fair weather friends aren’t your real friends
They’ll let you down – They’ve let me down
But old friends they’re your old friends
They’ll put up with you they’ll shut up for you
They’re your old friends

They’re in the pictures, that you own
In all your memories, when you’re alone,
Part of them, Piece by piece, They’re a part of you

They’ll surprise you, they’ll guide you,
They’ll take hold of your heart
And all the good ones, make up for all the bad ones,
So far…

One call away, they don’t think,
They already know, you’ve had to much to drink,
Won’t say a word, they’re just glad, to get you home
Track Name: Wanting Peace
See you through the window
You're sittin' there just starring at the sun
Whichever way the wind blows
Honey that's the way you're gonna run

If you're wanting peace
Yeah you can count on me

Searching through the stations
You're looking for a song that's true
If you'll remain patient
A melody will come back to you

Reading through the gosples
Scriptures you were taught by heart
Words of the apostles
Watch them slowly fall apart
You're in the dark

Me I'm just a man
I'm not a thief
I won't steel a thing from you
And if you need a hand
There ain't a thing I wouldn't do

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